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Norteyrazzi - photographer Raw Photo Marketplace

Photographer Peer-to-peer Marketplace For Raw Photos

Capptur It. Sell It.

At, our journey began with a shared passion for photography and a vision to create a platform that celebrates the essence of visual storytelling. We recognised a remarkable community of talented photographers, each capturing moments frozen in time and preserving the beauty of the world through their lenses. Yet, we also saw a missed opportunity – a vast digital real-estate of raw photographs waiting to be unleashed.


Inspired by the artistry and creativity of photographers, we set out to build a marketplace that not only showcases their raw photos but also cultivates a culture of collaboration within the photography community. We believe that greatness can be achieved when artists unite, share their art, and grow together.


Our mission is twofold: to empower photographers to monetise their artistry and to provide a platform where their raw photographs find a deserving audience. By listing their exceptional raw photos on, photographers unlock a gateway to a community of like-minded creatives seeking images to elevate their portfolios, projects, and campaigns. We envision a world where every photograph finds its purpose and resonates with those who seek inspiration.


With transparent licensing options and robust copyright measures, we ensure that photographers' art is protected, while offering flexibility to buyers in their usage. Together, we create a world where creativity knows no bounds and collaboration fuels growth.

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